AQHA Horse in Art Show

Barbara will be one of the featured artists in this show. The show is at the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum in Amarillo, Texas.  The art show will be from August 13 to October 15th. The reception is August 13, 2016.

Can’t make the opening? Contact 806-376-5181 or to learn more about proxy bidding.


Oil Painting Workshop April 8 through April 11

Come join Barbara for a four day oil painting workshop.  It will be at the Dane G Hansen Museum in Logan, Kansas, Wednesday April 8th and continue through Saturday April 11th.  The class will be for intermediate and beginner students.  It will teach beautiful use of the oil medium and understanding the use of design and composition.  Two painting studies will be demonstrated and students will get one on one assistance and advice.

One lesson will explore a sky study, looking at clouds, sun rays, and  sunsets. How does the sky enhance the landscape and how does it help  create movement in the composition?

The next study will be a foggy day,  experimenting with a limited color palette and how to mix color.  Here we will look closely at edges  and textures, and learn to play strong hard edges against a soft illusive background.  Can you convince the viewer that there is sunshine behind that foggy sky?

For more information on the workshop contact the Dane G Hansen Museum.  Their link is on the gallery and links page on this website.


Sagebrush And Roses Event

Barbara will participate in the Sagebrush and Roses Event which will take place in the Rendevous Center in Torrington, Wyoming on January 31, 2015.  This extravaganza will feature dining, dancing and fine art.  It will benefit the Eastern Wyoming College Foundation.  She will feature a new watercolor “Peaceful Passage”, and three oil paintings.  For more information about the event contact:

Oliver Sundby
E-mail Address(es):


Upcoming Event

Barbara will be participating in the 2014   2-SHOT ART SHOW




You are invited to attend. For more information go to


“Swan Take Off”

To see the finished watercolor of “Swan Take Off”.  Click on Barbara’s  Originals page link  on this page in the lower right column. You will find a color photo of it there.   It is sold, but I thought you would enjoy seeing it.


Introducing my new print of a wolverine.


This is my new print. It is from an oil painting of a wolverine.  It was an experience to paint this ferocious little critter.  I have to get myself into character to put the feeling and spirit  into the animal.  It is exhausting to be in such an intense mood for a painting session.

It is a giclee print printed on velvet archival paper.  It was printed by Fine Art Printing in Ft Collins Colorado.  I highly recommend them.  They do quality work.  You can find this new print on the “PRINTS” page.


We are back on the web.

We are excited to be back on the web again.  Our website has been revamped and is easier to use.  We have lots of new things happening in the gallery to tell you about.

You are invited to explore all the intriguing  new art  on our website now.  This beautiful website was designed by Brett Schaffner.   Check out his website at  We will have a link to Brett on the Gallery and Links page too.

Welcome back everyone.


Swan Take Off

Swan Take Off

Here is my sketch for the watercolor I am working on. It is of a beautiful lake at the southern end of the Teton Mountain Range near Jackson, Wyoming. As I was taking photos of the swans enjoying themselves, a car came racing around the corner on the road behind me. The startled swans all took off with a roar of water splashes, wings flapping, and goose honking. It was awesome. I got a great shot of the swans coming up off the water. I want to capture this excitement in my painting. I will call it “Swan Take Off.”

‘Oh My! It is fun to be an artist!’