Introducing my new print of a wolverine.


This is my new print. It is from an oil painting of a wolverine.  It was an experience to paint this ferocious little critter.  I have to get myself into character to put the feeling and spirit  into the animal.  It is exhausting to be in such an intense mood for a painting session.

It is a giclee print printed on velvet archival paper.  It was printed by Fine Art Printing in Ft Collins Colorado.  I highly recommend them.  They do quality work.  You can find this new print on the “PRINTS” page.


2 Responses to “Introducing my new print of a wolverine.”

  1. PatriciaKemi says:

    Good article. I absolutely love this site. Keep writing!

  2. Thanks. I appreciate that. Good to have you aboard. Take care.

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