Introducing my new print of a wolverine.


This is my new print. It is from an oil painting of a wolverine.  It was an experience to paint this ferocious little critter.  I have to get myself into character to put the feeling and spirit  into the animal.  It is exhausting to be in such an intense mood for a painting session.

It is a giclee print printed on velvet archival paper.  It was printed by Fine Art Printing in Ft Collins Colorado.  I highly recommend them.  They do quality work.  You can find this new print on the “PRINTS” page.


We are back on the web.

We are excited to be back on the web again.  Our website has been revamped and is easier to use.  We have lots of new things happening in the gallery to tell you about.

You are invited to explore all the intriguing  new art  on our website now.  This beautiful website was designed by Brett Schaffner.   Check out his website at  We will have a link to Brett on the Gallery and Links page too.

Welcome back everyone.